Get Your Windshield Wipers Inspected in Shelburne, VT

There are certain vehicle components small in part though having a huge impact on safe driving in Shelburne.

In fact, windshield wipers may very well dictate a more secured commute or the safe shuffling of children from after-school activities during the breadth of a Vermont winter. Required is a fresh set, flexible and sharp.

At Almartin Volvo Cars, we're stocked with Volvo Genuine Wiper Blades specifically designed for your Volvo luxury model.

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Mild-Hybrid vs Plug-in Hybrid: Understanding Volvo’s Electrified Powertrains

With Volvo’s commitment to a completely electrified engine lineup nearing completion, it’s important to understand the differences between the primary hybrid choices you’ll have when choosing a new Volvo electrified model. While most Volvo models feature mild-hybrid technology, you can also enjoy plug-in hybrid performance that offers a more versatile electrified driving experience.

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Comparing the Volvo XC40 Core and Ultimate Models to Help You Make the Right Choice

As you explore the lineup of 2023 Volvo XC40 models at our Shelburne dealership, you’ll notice some changes with the equipment and trim levels you’ll have to choose from. With the Volvo XC40 Core as the new base model and the XC40 Ultimate as the top-spec choice, the team at Almartin Volvo is here to break down the differences you’ll find between the two so you know which model is right for you.

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Shop the Volvo C40 Recharge Near Shelburne, VT

Volvo C40 Recharge is a complete confluence of efficient sustainability and incomparable luxury.

And at Almartin Volvo Cars, all three C40 trims are represented amongst a healthy, electrified lineup of new, Volvo plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid models. In fact, there’s a degree of sustainability across all Volvo offerings outside Burlington.

This means federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars may be claimed with your sustainable Volvo acquisition outside Shelburne.

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