(2022 Volvo S60 Momentum Model shown)

Volvo is an automotive company known for creating luxurious and innovative vehicles. Recently, Volvo announced that its S60 is now available in a blacked-out model known as the Black Edition. Whether talking about the interior or exterior of this car, the Volvo S60 Black Edition has many amazing features for drivers to enjoy.

An Award-Winning Vehicle Gets a New Look

With the Black Edition of the Volvo S60, this company added black accents painted with a glossy finish. The Volvo S60 also features glossy black window trim, incredibly sleek blacked-out 19-inch wheels, and black tailpipes. You'll also notice that even Volvo's signature brand and model badges get the blacked-out treatment. The Volvo S60 will turn heads no matter where you drive it.


With prices going up almost everywhere, drivers need to save money wherever possible. Fortunately, you can save big on fuel costs by driving the Volvo S60 Black Edition. This car gets up to 33 miles per gallon (MPG), ensuring you're not always stopping to fuel up.

A Focus on Safety

The Volvo S60 also comes with many features to help keep you safe. This vehicle has a warning system that alerts you if you depart your lane or get too close to another driver. The Volvo S60 also features a pre-collision safety system, which can automatically steer your vehicle to help you avoid getting in an accident.

To truly do the Volvo S60 Black Edition justice, you need to see this vehicle in person. Fortunately, you can take a closer look at this sleek vehicle by visiting Almartin Volvo Cars. Our friendly sales team is available to answer any questions or let you know more about the Volvo S60.

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