Almartin Volvo Cars is hosting the Volvo Outdoor Accessory Event near Shelburne, VT.

Through Aug. 31, 2022, Volvo clients may enjoy a 20% rebate on qualifying Volvo Genuine Accessories. This getting you and your prized Volvo model prepared for summer road trips.

Volvo Outdoor Accessory Event Details Near Essex, VT

So, your Volvo XC90 is the perfect platform for long-distance traveling. And no matter your preference for recreational pursuit, your favored gear and equipment needs to follow.

With this in mind, the Volvo Outdoor Accessory Event offers clients a sizeable rebate on accessories with a qualifying, initial purchase of a Volvo trailer hitch and/or rooftop load bars.

Below are details of this cost-saving event outside Plattsburgh, NY:

  • Spend a maximum amount on rooftop accessories and there’s a 20% discount to enjoy.
  • Initial purchase of a trailer hitch promises a rebate on hitch-mounted accessories.
  • Rooftop bike carriers offer fork mounting or upright configurations.
  • Hitch-mounted bike carriers are easily accessed.
  • When winter makes its comeback outside Burlington, ski carriers lend spacing for three pairs.
  • Several rooftop cargo boxes have been designed by Volvo for optimal carrying opportunities.

Though not included with this ongoing event, there are other Volvo Genuine Accessories promoting healthy, outdoor recreation.

From kayak cradles and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) racks to cargo compartment cargo netting, there’s never the chance you won’t be able to transport what’s needed.

There are even pet-friendly accessories, such as safety harnesses and pet-carrying containers for rear compartment.

Almartin Volvo Cars – Home to the 'Volvo Outdoor Accessory Event' Near Burlington, VT

Visit with us and ask about our ongoing, Volvo Outdoor Accessory Event.

From now until the end of August, your savings on qualifying Volvo Genuine Accessories should not be passed up.

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