Almartin Volvo Cars is fully stocked with new, 2022 Volvo luxury SUVs and sedans. And what an exciting production year it has become already.

As an automaker, Volvo Cars is at a stage that will prove monumental. And the greater Burlington area has first crack at those new Volvo models containing mild hybrid technology.

Soon, Volvo fuel-fired powertrains will become a thing of the past. The replacement, Volvo B-badged mild hybrid powertrains are now on exhibit in 2022 Volvo models at Almartin Volvo Cars.

The 2022 Volvo Models Comprising Almartin Volvo Cars' Inventory Near Essex

As a respected Volvo dealership, we must provide an ample selection of Volvo models to choose from. And while some Volvo models are more popular near Plattsburgh, NY, in all, Volvo Cars produces an outstanding product whichever way you lean.

Here are those new, 2022 Volvo luxury SUVs and sedans. Most bearing new generation, mild hybrid powertrains and profound fuel-efficiency following:

Volvo XC90

This larger, luxury SUV remains at the top of Volvo XC-Class. Seating opportunities enable spacing for seven passengers within confines comforting.

Volvo XC60

This midsized, mild hybrid luxury SUV will seat up to five occupants within a cabin lined with wool-blended fabrics. Performance values encompass highway mileage of 30 mpg stemming from 250 hp.

Volvo XC40

For 2022, Volvo XC40 harbors a Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrain. In this design, spent braking energy is harnessed to be used later when accelerating. Fuel is then saved and emissions are reduced.

Volvo S90

This Volvo luxury sedan has larger parameters while built-in Google applications come to life with a simple voice command.

Volvo S60

Also a Volvo Mild Hybrid, Volvo S60 luxury sedans deliver an acceleration rate from stillness to 60 mph in 6.2-seconds.

Almartin Volvo Cars -- Fully Stocked With New, 2022 Volvo Luxury SUVs, Sedans

Visit our local Shelburne area dealership to learn more about new, 2022 Volvo luxury models on-hand now.

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