Near Burlington, Almartin Volvo Cars has partnered with select firms to effect efficient and convenient charging opportunities when acquiring a Volvo Recharge model. Above all, your purchase or lease of a Volvo XC40 Recharge is meant to be enjoyed -- hassle-free.

With reliance on fuel eliminated or drastically reduced, partnership with ChargePoint™ and Qmerit furthers Volvo Recharge benefits.

ChargePoint Advantages Afforded the Volvo Recharge Owner, Lessee

It shouldn’t be a complicated affair when acquiring Volvo XC60 Recharge. Charging will need to be accomplished at home, in public or at your workplace. What ChargePoint provides is a world-leading expanse of public-charging stations, with over 100,000 in North America alone. But also, ChargePoint offers residential charging with its Home Flex feature.

When purchasing ChargePoint Home Flex, the Level 2, 240-volt home charger is ideal. Given adjustable amperage of up to 50 amps, there's the capacity to add close to 74-miles of range per hour. ChargePoint Home Flex is also up to 9X quicker than the standard 120-volt wall outlet found in most Essex or Plattsburgh, NY, dwellings.

Qmerit Installation Services

The installation of your ChargePoint Home Flex charger is a simple job. As a dealership, Almartin Volvo Cars recommends Qmerit. With competitive pricing and the tacit approval of Volvo Cars, you're connected with qualified and vetted electricians in Shelburne and Burlington.

Finding Public Charging Stations is Easy

With using Google Maps, Apple Maps or the ChargePoint smartphone application, you'll be directed to charging stations within a vast, public charging network. And with over $7B in federal funds recently allocated for a more comprehensive, electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, you'll always be within miles of a charging station.

Pose All Volvo Recharge Program Questions to Almartin Volvo Cars

With the pace of electric vehicle prominence becoming quicker, let Almartin Volvo Cars answer any questions you might have. Visit with us today at our local Essex area dealership.

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