With summer still in season, there are summer servicing specials to be had at Almartin Volvo Cars near Burlington. So, if your Volvo XC60 has been sitting for too long, this may be a great time to have servicing done for end-of-summer road tripping.

And, Almartin Volvo Cars provides special service coupons for additional savings on Volvo Genuine Parts -- even tires.

Continued Summer Servicing at Almartin Volvo Cars

Before alighting from Burlington or Essex, it's essential your Volvo S60 sedan is in good working order. And by virtue of our commitment, a very simple procedure might prove more than beneficial: An Almartin Volvo Cars oil change.

With your Volvo XC40's old oil drained from underneath, a multipoint inspection takes place. It will incorporate the following details for a safe, end-of-summer road trip to Plattsburgh, NY:

  • Brake parts are inspected.
  • Tires will be rotated from well-to-well, while examined for uneven tread wear.
  • Undercarriage parts and components are checked for damage, such as exhaust piping, axles, shocks and springs.

Once lowered, your Volvo V90 Cross Country will be treated to fresh engine oil and a new filter installation. As well, the following is undertaken:

  • Fluid reservoirs will be topped off.
  • Wiper blades are inspected for sharpness.
  • Cabin and engine filters are checked for integrity.
  • The windscreen will be pored over, looking for minute chips or cracks.

Only Volvo Genuine Parts are Installed at Almartin Volvo Cars

Almartin Volvo Cars is pleasantly obsessed with safety and vehicle integrity. Should anything be found amiss during an inspection, you'll be apprised of the issue and how to remedy.

During the remediation process, only Volvo Genuine Parts will be installed. From tires to mufflers, this helps ensure a safe and efficient Volvo S90 is returned to you.

Schedule Your End-of-Summer Service Date at Almartin Volvo Cars

It's easy to schedule a convenient time to have your Volvo V60 serviced. Simply access the scheduling form today.

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