The Volvo XC40 is the Next Level in Compact SUVs

There's a saying that good things come in small packages. That saying has never been truer than with the new 2020 Volvo XC40. This chic, sporty, compact crossover SUV packs a full host of high-end, full-size features into a quick and nimble right-sized SUV. The XC40 may be small but is still every bit a Volvo, offering drivers a compact SUV that is strong in value and efficiency but does not compromise power, luxury, or style in the process.

Style and Power

The XC40 features a design that is edgy and modern, with LED lighting at all four corners and available two-tone paint job. The lines of the Volvo XC40 are very muscular and the front grille is quite aggressive. The design that is both elegant and muscularly aggressive makes the XC40 visually pleasing for a wide variety of drivers.

The XC40 backs up its muscular appearance with an impressive turbocharged inline-4 cylinder engine. This unit produces 187 horsepower with a grunty, yet green 221 pound-feet of torque. These numbers provide ample power when needed, but maintain low emissions and high efficiency in all driving situations.

Comfortable, Connected Interior

The Volvo XC40 interior is surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a compact SUV. Volvo makes smart use of space to provide a cabin environment that feels much larger than it is. The interior is also filled with premium materials and the latest technology, offering drivers a truly premium driving experience that is appreciated before even leaving the driveway.

Exclusive materials such as brushed metal, fine leather, and driftwood trim pieces position the XC40 as a luxury vehicle by any measure. The nine-inch Sensus touchscreen display highlights the center console with Apple CarPlay keeping entertainment and information within fingers reach. The advanced 12-inch driver cluster display is fully configurable to provide the most critical vehicle info on demand, while the Harmon Kardon sound system adds to the premium experience.

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With all that the Volvo XC40 has to offer, it is tough to remember that this premium compact SUV is available at such a reasonable price. The Volvo experts here at Almartin Volvo Cars will help you to explore and experience the next level experience offered by the Volvo XC40. We look forward to working with you soon!

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